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“The pitch is my workplace!”

Kevin Volland
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
German national football team
EST Experts Team

Modern football demands innovative solutions.
We make football even better!


Turf System

From amateur football leagues to the Champions League. Our Turf System allows a maximum of usability and is bio-mechanically optimized to protect the players, grants a higher flexibility and economic efficiency.

One System – Many solutions

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Hybridrasen System

Hybrid Turf

The newest generation of the Hybrid Turf technology is reliable and internationally well-established. The world wide patented Hybrid Turf technology can be installed very quickly and accurately on any pitch in any stadium.

A technology for the highest requirements.

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Which is the right system for my pitch?

Contact us and we will explain it to you!


Reinforced Natural & Hybrid Turf2017-01-10T13:27:22+01:00

• State of the art turf systems for amateur and Champions League alike
• Well-established and successful all over the word
• The reinforced sod offers a flexible and quick solution
• Consulting
• Reconstruction and renovation of existing sports pitches
• Ecological and economical

Pitch Construction2017-01-10T13:14:06+01:00

• Planing
• Consulting
• Heating systems
• Irrigation systems
• Modern pitch construction technologies


• Fertilizer
• Biostimulants & Micronutrients
• Grass seed
• Herbicides
• Special products

EST Support Team2017-01-10T13:29:05+01:00

• Sustainable pitch management and helpdesk
• Highly qualified and experienced employees
• State of the art testing and analyzing techniques
• Modern machinery and equipment
• Unique KORO renovation concept

Research & Development2017-01-10T13:15:15+01:00

• Own laboratory
• A lot of testing areas
• Scientists
• Modern test and research methods

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Resillient – Individual – Goal-oriented

A turf system on its own does not make the perfekt pitch, because every football club is unique and requires a different approach. To provide an optimal solution one has to factor in the geographical circumstances, facility requirements and financial status. Which means, that one simple technology does not work everywhere.

Only an overall concept and design enables a football club to reach its goals.