• Lay and Play

  • Bio-mechanical optimized

  • Prevents injuries

  • 30% higher resilience compared to natural turf

  • 365 days of high quality playability

  • 100% natural turf

  • Optimal stability and control for the player

  • Maximal flexibility & shock absorption

  • Outstanding media presentation

We help nature out!

FIBERELASTIC rolling sod2017-01-10T16:41:00+01:00

• 100% natural turf
• Lolium
• Poa Pratensis
• No fibres on the surface

DIN Sod2017-01-10T16:37:28+01:00

• DIN 18035/4
• Customizable
• Near-natural

Elasthan & FIBERELASTIC fibres2017-01-10T16:35:12+01:00

• State of the art fibre technology
• High force dampening and traction
• Fibre reinforced sod

DIN pitch construction2017-01-10T16:33:21+01:00

• Conventional pitch construction
• Installation in 8 days
• Match ready within 6-8 weeks after seeding

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FIBERELASTIC SOD is based on FIBERELASTIC, our reinforced natural turf. Our cutting-edge mixing technology allows us to consistently merge specially produced polypropylene and elastane fibers into a DIN 18035/4 root zone, which can be customized based on the clients requirements and / or existing DIN pitch. The natural grass roots are brought together with our state of the art fiber technology to intermesh, thus creating a stable homogeneous layer which keeps the sod together without the need for organic material.

This method allows for rapid root activity and easy deep root development. The combination of FIBERELASTIC and FIBERELASTIC SOD offers the sport an optimal pitch quality, increased force reduction and a flexible management regime for the greenkeeping team.

FS PRO Sod2017-01-12T10:39:51+01:00
  • 100%natural turf
  • Lolium
  • Poa Pr