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  • Bio-mechanical optimized

  • Prevents injuries

  • 30% higher resilience compared to natural turf

  • 365 days of high quality playability

  • 100% natural turf

  • Optimum stability and control for the player

  • Maximum of flexibility & shock absorption

  • Outstanding media presentation

  • Available as new installation or sod

Protect your main asset
Your player!

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Fiberelastic en

To meet the high demands of professional football, we took FS PRO to the next step and developed FIBERELASTIC. The mixed in elastic fibers on a DIN 18035/4 root zone greatly increases the force reduction of the pitch without sacrificing stability. The high dampening effect helps to protect joints and muscle tissue on player impact and rotary foot motions. FIBERELASTIC eases the stress on the players physique and remains true and resilient much like an FSPRO pitch. 

The modern and ambitious football industry raised the bar for pitch systems and this is where FIBERELASTIC comes into play. FIBERELASTIC is the preferred technology for training camps and stadium pitches where football is played on the highest professional and technical level. The proven high elasticity of the FIBERELASTIC pitches will prevent injuries and helps players to recover after an injury.

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Fiberelastic Sod EN

FIBERELASTIC SOD is based on FIBERELASTIC, our reinforced natural turf. Our cutting-edge mixing technology allows us to consistently merge specially produced polypropylene and elastane fibers into a DIN 18035/4 root zone, which can be customized based on the clients requirements and / or existing DIN pitch. The natural grass roots are brought together with our state of the art fiber technology to intermesh, thus creating a stable homogeneous layer which keeps the sod together without the need for organic material.

This method allows for rapid root activity and easy deep root development. The combination of FIBERELASTIC and FIBERELASTIC SOD offers the sport an optimal pitch quality, increased force reduction and a flexible management regime for the greenkeeping team.

The Fiberelastic Pitches give us strength and at the same time a softer feeling for the players.

Paul Burgess, Head Greenkeeper Real Madrid

The combination of FIBERELASTIC and sustained plant nutrition, which we apply in collaboration with EUROSPORTSTURF, has exceeded our expectations.

Sepp Lindermeyer, Head Greenkeeper FC Ingolstadt 04

We get an outstanding feedback due to the use of the FIBERELASTIC technology in our club. Not only from the football players and trainers, but also from the medical department. You can clearly feel the elasticity of the FIBERELASTIC pitch.

Bernhard Nießen, Direktor Stadionbetrieb & -Bau Borussia Mönchengladbach

One System – Many Advantages


  • Near natural
  • Conventional maintenance regime
  • Flexible maintenance
  • Marginal wear and tear
  • Renovation after 2-3 years
  • Flexible turf replacement possible
  • 100% natural turf
  • Usable in difficult weather conditions


  • Maintenance costs can easily be calculated
  • Economically efficient
  • 40% increased usability compared to natural turf
  • Usage is maximized
  • Usage all year round
  • High level media impact
  • Fulfills natural turf criteria for youth academy
  • Minimal downtime
  • Multifunctional usage
  • Short renovation period
  • Climate effects are limited


  • Bio-mechanical optimized
  • Prevents injuries
  • Supports player recovery
  • Maximum match and player performance
  • Consistently true
  • 100% natural turf


  • DIN 18035/4 design
  • No organic material
  • Consistent root zone
  • Conventional maintenance regime
  • Flexible maintenance
  • Marginal wear and tear after usage
  • Quick and flexible sod solution
  • 100% natural turf


  • 30% increased usability compared to natural turf
  • Multifunctional stadium usage
  • Quick and flexible solution
  • High level of media impact
  • Minimal downtime risk
  • Long lasting and economical sod concept if combined with FSPRO


  • Continuously level
  • Designed for high quality / technical matches
  • Increased ball rolling
  • High stability
  • Gute Spiel- und Ballkontrolle
  • Consistent quality
  • 100% natural turf

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