FS Pro2021-02-09T09:06:56+01:00
  • Available as new installation or sod

  • 30% higher resilience compared to natural turf

  • 365 days of high quality playability

  • 100% natural turf

  • Optimal stability and control for the player

  • Well-established in pro football

  • Highly economical

  • High level media impact

We help nature out!

Natural turf2017-01-12T10:30:45+01:00
  • 100% natural turf
  • Lolium
  • Poa Pratensis
  • No fibres on the surface
DIN root zone2017-01-12T10:29:15+01:00
  • DIN 18035/4
  • Customizable
  • Near nature
FS PRO Fibres2017-01-12T10:26:53+01:00
  • State of the art fibre technology
  • Fibre reinforced sod
DIN pitch construction2017-01-12T10:25:09+01:00
  • Conventional pitch construction
  • Installation within 3 days
  • Match ready within 6-8 weeks after seeding

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FS Pro is a reinforced DIN 18035/4 root zone designed for the high requirements of modern professional football. Our cutting-edge mixing technology allows us to consistently merge specially produced polypropylene fibers into the root zone, which can be customized based on the clients requirements and / or existing pitch. The process strengthens sand / root zone materials, but the natural properties of the root zone will not be altered by the fibers. The natural grass roots are brought together with our state of the art fiber technology to intermesh, thus creating a layer which provides a great deal of stability even in times with little to no root growth.

Thanks to the fibers the pitch suffers less wear and tear and the stability and tear resilience is increased to a maximum. This will ease stress on the greenkeeping team and simplifies the maintenance regime. The FS PRO pitch remains true through the whole season, offers perfect match quality and allows the highest technical level of ball controll. Investing in FS PRO means investing in a sustainable and economical pitch system.
The properties of FS Pro allow for better cost calculation and the assurances of owning a a pitch which is always ready to use and always looks perfekt in the media. Fibre reinforced turf is very well known and used turf system all over the world. Since Over 20 years the system has established well and found its way into over 100 stadium and training pitches.

The FS Pro system is a very economical attractive solution, which helps us to keep the quality of our pitch at the highest level all over the year regardless of the weather.

Holger Sanwald, Managing Director 1. FC Heidenheim 1846

For me as trainer it is important that we can improve our training quality, especially in harsh weather conditions. Since we use FS Pro we can train on the stadium pitch without worrying about harming the pitch before next match. The turf is firm, more compact and level than ever before. In addition the shear strength is higher and the players have better ball control.

Frank Schmidt, Trainer 1. FC Heidenheim 1846

The FS PRO System allows a much higher usage of the pitch and a consistent quality all over the year. The sustainable, near nature maintenance in combination with a short and
predictable renovation time was very important for us from a economical perspective.

Stadt Zürich , Sportamt der Stadt Zürich und Grün Stadt Zürich

Pitch 7 of our youth academy is a FSPRO training pitch and is the most used pitch here at the BORUSSIA-PARK. Our team loves to train on that pitch. Even if the weather is bad and we face a lot of rain, i can let the boys play on the pitch without worries. The increased resilience of this natural pitch supports the quality of our other pitches as well, giving them more time to regenerate.

Georg Vievers, Head Greenkeeper Borussia Mönchengladbach

One System – Many Advantages


  • Near natural
  • Conventional maintenance regime
  • Flexible maintenance
  • Marginal wear and tear
  • Renovation after 2-3 years
  • Flexible turf replacement possibility
  • 100% natural turf
  • Usable in difficult weather conditions
  • High water permeability


  • Maintenance costs can easily be calculated
  • Economically efficient
  • 40% increased usability compared to natural turf
  • Usage is maximized
  • Usage all year round
  • High level media impact
  • Fulfills natural turf criteria for youth academies
  • Minimum downtime
  • Multifunctional usage
  • Short renovation period
  • Climate effects are limited