About Us

We fulfill the high demands of modern football

The first FIBERSAND pitches were built 25 years ago in the U.K. Many of them still exist even today. Our employees could collect a lot of experience and knowledge over the years. The adaptation of newly developed installation, renovation and maintenance techniques
makes FIBERSAND the leading root zone material for football pitches.

We concentrate our efforts to fulfill the high demands of modern football – the protection of player physique and the reduction of injury risks. We are constantly in touch with the greenkeepers from various football clubs. This feedback is used in our laboratories and production to guarantee an always improving product that meets our clients demands..

With our business partners we run our own laboratories, employ highly qualified greenkeepers, product engineers, project leaders, pitch constructors and own state of the art machinery. This allows us to offer client focused solutions and to be effective during seasonal peaks.

Our goal is to preserve and improve any type of our clients green areas and pitches and to offer innovative and sustainable solutions.