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SIS Grass

  • 40% higher resilience compared to natural turf

  • 365 days maximum levelness

  • Maximum stability

  • Worldwide patented

  • Internationally well-established

  • Highest precision

  • Implementation in 5 days

  • State of the art yarn technology

New gen hybrid turf

Stitching Machine2017-01-12T13:15:41+01:00
  • Speed: 4.7 Sec./ movement
  • Precision: 99%
  • Drive 90% electronically
  • Low risk of oil leakage
  • Laser guided
  • Computer controlled
  • Variable stich spacing
Natural Turf2017-01-12T13:09:30+01:00
  • Lolium
  • Stitching in thin sod possible
Polyethylene Fibres2017-01-12T13:06:51+01:00
  • D-Tex: 12.000
  • Width: 1,5 mm
  • 9600 kg fibres for 7.500 qm
Root Zone2017-01-12T13:03:46+01:00
  • Sod thickness 20 cm
  • Customizable

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SIS Grass is the next generation of hybrid pitches. It is an advanced and patented reinforced turf system which offers increased pitch stability and delivers considerably more playing hours than natural grass surfaces. SIS Pitches has sourced the latest and best yarns and developed unrivalled technology to create a 95% natural pitch.

SISGRASS marries the best elements of both synthetic and natural surfaces. Consequently, players will play on the very best natural system, with additional benefits such as robustness and endurance, normally associated with synthetic turf.


The equipment and technology used in SISGRASS pitch installations has been designed exclusively for the brand. It utilizes state-of-the-art laser systems which remove the human error inherent in the manual methods used by other sports pitch manufacturers.
Additionally, owing to our ability to offer you a range of stitch lengths, with SISGRASS you get your sports pitches built to your exact specifications, not a surface compromised by the limitations of outdated machinery. What’s more, the SISGRASS technology ensures we offer the fastest installation time on the market too, totally transforming your sports pitches in 5 days.Platz.


Over 15 years of experience developing high-quality artificial pitches has led to the construction of SISGRASS using unique, soft polyethylene fibres, which not only maximize player comfort but, which are recycled for environmental benefit

By using SIS Grass we can finally offer our pro team the ideal pitch and training conditions. From the very first training day on a SIS Grass Pitch our players and trainer were excited about its the stability and quality. In addition with a heating system we can now use the pitch the whole year.

Sascha Färber, Leiter Organisation und Stadionmanagement, TSV 1860 München

The quality of both the indoor and outdoor surfaces means that all players at Derby County Football Club now have access to first class playing surfaces throughout the whole season for the very time!

Darren Wassall, Academy manager, Derby County

The next generation of hybrid pitch


  • Maximum stability
  • No playing damage
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Once-a-year Renovation
  • Green optic
  • Resilient in bad weather condition