• Reconstruction of existing DIN pitches

  • Low investment

  • Higher resilience and stabilty

  • 365 days of high performance playability

  • Easy conventional maintenance

  • 100% natural turf

The system for every league

Natural Turf2017-01-11T15:47:10+01:00
  • 100% natural turf
  • Lolium
  • Poa Pratensis
  • No fibres on the surface
DIN root zone2017-01-11T15:45:34+01:00
  • DIN 18035/4
  • Customizable
  • Near-natural
Polypropylene Fibre2017-01-11T15:43:36+01:00
  • State of the art fibre technology
  • Fibre reinforced sod
DIN pitch construction2017-01-11T15:28:32+01:00
  • Conventional pitch construction
  • Installation within 3 days
  • Match ready within 6-8 weeks after seeding

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The reinforcement of existing DIN 18035/4 natural turf pitches with FIBERSAND is  a sustainable and economical solution for almost any football club. FIBERSAND is a concentrate, that is merged evenly into the existing root zone of a pitch. This technique lowers the initial costs and allows the pitch to be ready for play within  6 – 8 weeks.

Because of the well established fiber structure, the pitch stability is greatly increased, more resilient and guarantees high levelness all year round. FIBERSAND near-natural design will reduce the cost of your maintenance regime and can be maintained with conventional methods. FIBERSAND is an innovative, but established system, which often finds its successful use on training pitches.

The sustainable and economically attractive FIBERSAND technology enabled us to clearly increase the pitch and match quality for our football team.

Christian Hochstätter, Managing Director VFL Bochum 1848

Even after intensive training sessions our FIBERSAND pitch shows only litte wear and tear, which makes maintenance much easier. Especially on training days with heavy rain, the FIBERSAND pitch did remain stable and resilient. The support of the EUROSPORTSTURF Support Team made the switch from our old pitch to the FIBERSAND pitch very easy for me.

Christoph Vorhoff, Head Greenkeeper VFL Bochum 1848

2013 the Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion was fitted with a FIBERSAND pitch and is home to the U23, U19 and women football team. Sometimes we have up to 3 matches there and even though the pitch is heavily used it always stays level and the players love to play on the pitch.

Mike Grimm, Head Greenkeeper TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

One System  – Many Advantages


• Near natural
• Conventional maintenance regime
• Marginal wear and tear
• Renovation after 2-3 years
• Flexible turf replacement possible
• 100% natural turf


• Low initial cost
• Normal maintenance cost
• Maintenance costs can easily be calculated
• Economically efficient
• Usage is increased
• Usage all year round


  • Consistently level and true
  • Increased playing quality
  • Good stability and ball control
  • Good pitch quality 365 days / year
  • 100% natural turf