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Reinforced Natural & Hybrid Turf2017-01-10T13:27:22+01:00

• State of the art turf systems for amateur and Champions League alike
• Well-established and successful all over the word
• The reinforced sod offers a flexible and quick solution
• Consulting
• Reconstruction and renovation of existing sports pitches
• Ecological and economical

Pitch Construction2017-01-10T13:14:06+01:00

• Planing
• Consulting
• Heating systems
• Irrigation systems
• Modern pitch construction technologies


• Fertilizer
• Biostimulants & Micronutrients
• Grass seed
• Herbicides
• Special products

EST Support Team2017-01-10T13:29:05+01:00

• Sustainable pitch management and helpdesk
• Highly qualified and experienced employees
• State of the art testing and analyzing techniques
• Modern machinery and equipment
• Unique KORO renovation concept

Research & Development2017-01-10T13:15:15+01:00

• Own laboratory
• A lot of testing areas
• Scientists
• Modern test and research methods

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Resilient – Individual – Goal-oriented

A turf system on its own does not make the perfekt pitch, because every football club is unique and requires a different approach. To provide an optimal solution one has to factor in the geographical circumstances, facility requirements and financial status. Which means, that one simple technology does not work everywhere.

Only an overall concept and design enables a football club to reach its goals.


We look into the challenges modern football has to deal with:


Modern football changed quit a bit. The matches are much faster, more technical with an increased passing game and because of that, the players have high demands regarding their pitch. A natural pitch is still every players favorite, but has its limits. The sports department of a football club nowadays expects a maximum of trueness and perfect pitch quality all over the year. The player itself is the clubs main asset. The youth players are trained in a specific way and their physique is optimized for the game. Because of the high intensity, there’s always a risk of injury. So, how can a pitch help to prevent injuries, or even help a player to recover? In addition modern trainers ask for a professional and high quality pitch maintenance.


The people in charge of the infrastructure have a different perspective. How can I reduce the stress on the limited pitches I have? Because of the more frequently changing weather conditions, the maintenance costs become almost unpredictable. How can these costs be planned? The training centre and stadia have changed. The roofing is designed for the fans, not the pitch. The roofings artificial micro-climate with unnatural air circulation, deep shadows and temperature fluctuation is quite problematic for the pitch, as well as the multifunctional use of the stadium as a concert stage for instance. Also, the demand for a perfekt looking pitch in the media and a high level of quality and trueness is higher than ever before. This asks a lot of the greenkeeping team and the team has to be flexible. The year is planed tightly and there is not much time for a pitch renovation. Damage to the sod needs to be reduced to a minimum to ensure a high quality pitch.